The Faculty History Project documents faculty members who have been associated with the University of Michigan since 1837. Key in this effort is to celebrate the intellectual life of the University. This Faculty History Website is intended as a component of the effort to document the extraordinary academic achievements of Michigan’s faculty in building and sustaining one of the world’s great universities. It provides access to a comprehensive database of information concerning the thousands of faculty members who have served the University of Michigan.
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The Bentley Historical Library serves as the official archives for the University.

List of Professors

Name Years at Michigansort icon Position

Samuel Denton

1837 - 1840
Appointed Regent
Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and of Pathology

Alonzo Benjain Palmer

1854 - 1887
Professor of Matera Medica, Therapeutics, Diseases of Women and Children, Pathology & Theory and Practice of Medicine
Dean of the Medical School

Henry Lyster

1868 - 1890
Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine

Conrad Georg

1889 - 1904
Instructor in Materia Medica & Therapeutics
House Surgeon at University Hospital & Assistant in Surgery

John Jacob Abel

1890 - 1893
Professor of Materia Medica & Therapeutics

George Dock

Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine

James Rae Arneill

1901 - 1903
Instructor in Internal Medicine
Demonstrator of Clinical Medicine

Charles Wallis Edmunds

1902 - 1941
Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica

Mark Marshall

1910 - 1920
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

James T. Fitzgerald

1994 - 2018
Professor of Learning Health Sciences

Ameed Raoof

1998 - 2013
Assistant Professor of Medical Education

Patricia B. Mullan

2005 - 2018
Professor of Learning Health Sciences