The Faculty History Project documents faculty members who have been associated with the University of Michigan since 1837. Key in this effort is to celebrate the intellectual life of the University. This Faculty History Website is intended as a component of the effort to document the extraordinary academic achievements of Michigan’s faculty in building and sustaining one of the world’s great universities. It provides access to a comprehensive database of information concerning the thousands of faculty members who have served the University of Michigan.
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The Bentley Historical Library serves as the official archives for the University.

List of Professors

Name Years at Michigansort icon Position

Burton Doan Thuma

1931 - 1967
Professor of Psychology
Associate Dean Emeritus College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Director Emeritus of the Residential College

Theodore Mead Newcomb

1941 - 1974
Mary Ann and Charles R. Walgreen Jr. Professor for the Study of Human Understanding
Professor of Psychology
Professor of Sociology

George Kish

1943 - 1985
William Herbert Hobbs Distinguished Professor of Geography
Professor of the Residential College

Carl Cohen

1955 - 2017
Professor of Philosophy

Peter B. Kaufman

1956 - 1997
Professor of Biology
Professor of the Residential College

Elizabeth M. Douvan

1958 - 1995
Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies
Catharine Neafie Kellogg Professor of Psychology
Director of the Residential College

Ann E. Larimore

1966 - 1999
Professor of Geography and Women's Studies
Professor of the Residential College

Max A. Heirich

1967 - 1999
Professor of Sociology and Residential College
Research Scientist in the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations

Charles C. Bright

1971 - 2016
Professor of History and Judaic Studies
Professor of Residential College

Jane R. Heirich

1972 - 2003
Lecturer in Music

Thomas E Weisskopf

1972 - 2010
Professor of Economics
Professor of Residential College

Peter Ferran

1973 - 1994
Associate Professor of English, Theatre and Residential College

Barbra Morris

1974 - 2006
Senior Lecturer in English
Lecturer in English, Sweetland Writing Center

Eliana Moya-Raggio

1974 - 2000
Lecturer in Spanish

Barbara Sloat

1976 - 1998
Assistant Research scientist
Lecturer, Biology in Residential College

Joel L. Cressman

1977 - 2015
Professor of Art
Professor of Residential College

Susan Wright

1979 - 2005
Research Scientist in the Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Lecturer in the History of Science in the Residential College

Frederick Cooper

1982 - 2003
Professor of AfroAmerican & African Studies
Profesor of History
Charles Gibson Collegiate Professor of History

Santiago Colas

1992 - 2017
Professor of Comparative Literature
Professor of Residential College

Derrick I M Gilbert

2002 - 2006
Assistant Professor of Afroamerican & African Studies
Assistant Professor, Residential College

Matthew Daniel Price

2004 - 2009
Assistant Professor of Art & Design
Assistant Professor of Residential College