The Faculty History Project documents faculty members who have been associated with the University of Michigan since 1837. Key in this effort is to celebrate the intellectual life of the University. This Faculty History Website is intended as a component of the effort to document the extraordinary academic achievements of Michigan’s faculty in building and sustaining one of the world’s great universities. It provides access to a comprehensive database of information concerning the thousands of faculty members who have served the University of Michigan.
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The Bentley Historical Library serves as the official archives for the University.

List of Professors

Name Years at Michigansort icon Position

Hanns Pick

1927 - 1954
Professor of Violoncello

Otto Jacob Stahl

1928 - 1951
Professor of Music (Theory)

Glenn Douglas McGeoch

1929 - 1972
Professor of History of Music, Music Literature & Criticism

Guy Chambers Filkins

1934 - 1952
Assistant Professor of Music (Theory)

Marion Emmett McArtor

1940 - 1956
Assistant Professor of Music (Theory)

John Henry Lowell

1944 - 1970
Professor of Music (Theory)

Frank S Stillings

1954 - 1962
Associate Professor of Music Theory

Wallace T Berry

1957 - 1977
Professor of Music Theory

Ellwoods S. Derr Jr.

1962 - 2007
Professor of Music (Theory)

Edward M. Chudacoff

1965 - 1996
Professor of Music (Theory)

Ralph B. Lewis

1965 - 1998
Professor of Music (Theory)

James E. Dapogny

1966 - 2006
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Music (Theory)

Richmond H. Browne

1968 - 1996
Professor of Music (Theory)

James A. Winn

1983 - 1998
Professor of English Language and Literature

Andrew W. Mead

1983 - 2013
Professor of Music - Music Theory

Walter T. Everett

1989 - 2022
Professor of Music

Marion A. Guck

1996 - 2019
Professor of Music

Alan Robert Gosman

2006 - 2014
Associate Professor