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William Werner
Regent's Proceedings 174

William A. Werner, professor of architecture in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, will retire from active faculty status on December 31, 1998.

Professor Werner received his B.Arch. degree in 1952 and his M.Arch. degree in 1957, both from the University of Michigan. He joined the faculty as an instructor in 1956 and was promoted to assistant professor in 1961, associate professor in 1966, and professor in 1973.

Within the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Professor Werner has taught undergraduate level courses in design, structures, and construction. He served as chair of the Bachelor of Science Program from 1977-83, assistant to the Architecture Program chairperson from 1983 to the present, and has also served as an active member of many program, college, and University committees. In 1975, he received the Sol King Award for Excellent Teaching, in recognition of his deep concern for students, his depth of classroom preparation, and the clarity of his presentations. In 1998, he received the Educator of the Year Award from the Architectural Studies Foundation of Michigan in recognition of a lifetime of dedication to architectural education.

As an academic advisor, Professor Werner has helped to construct the careers of hundreds of undergraduate students. Working with the University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions, he has thoughtfully counseled prospective students who are considering a career in architecture. At the same time, he has worked closely with admitted students to offer advice and help plan their time in the architecture program to maximize their potential.

Professor Werner has had an outstanding career as an educator and a professional in the field of architecture. He is a registered architect in Michigan, and since 1955, he has worked as an architect with Robert C. Metcalf. He has been a director and member of the AlA/Michigan and served in various capacities with the Huron Valley Chapter AIA for many years.

The Regents now salute this faculty member by naming William A. Werner professor emeritus of architecture.