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Michigan Portrait IX

William Warner Bishop
The Michigan Alumnus 668

Michigan Portraits—IX

Warner Bishop is more than the Librarian of the University: he is the presiding
 of the Library building, which was built and arranged according to his design and 
which may be considered in a sense his contribution to the physical equipment of the University of Michigan. 

Born in Hannibal, Mo., in 1871, he graduated from the University twenty-one years later, his under
graduate work providing him with the foundation of classical scholarship on which his work as a librarian has been built. For two years after his graduation he was Professor of Greek at Missouri Wesleyan 
College at Cameron, Mo. He was Instructor in New Testament and Assistant Librarian at the Garrett 
Bible Institute. Evanston, Ill., from 1895-98.

From 1899 to 1902 he was Librarian and Instructor in Latin
 at the Polytechnical Institute of New York and for the two years thereafter he was Head Cataloguer
 of the Princeton University Library. He became Superintendent of the reading room of the Library of 
Congress at Washington, D.C., in 1907 and held that position until 1915 when he came to the University, where he has served as University Librarian since that date. 

He is a member of the American Library Association (President 1918-19), the American Historical
 Association, the Biological Society of America (President 1921-23), etc. He is author of "Practical 
Handbook of Modern Library Cataloguing," (1914), and a contributor of numerous articles to library