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William Warner Bishop
The Michigan Alumnus 80-99

William Warner Bishop, who comes to Michigan as University Librarian, was born in Hannibal, Mo., July 20, 1871. His early education was 
received in the public schools of Detroit, and in 1888 he entered the University, graduating with the class of 1892. The following year he received 
the degree of Master of Arts after an additional year of study. Mr. Bishop 
also spent the year 1898-99 as a fellow in Christian Archaeology at the Amer
ican School for Classical Studies in Rome, and in 190001 he pursued grad
uate studies at Columbia University. 

After leaving the University in 1893, Mr. Bishop became professor of 
Greek in the Missouri Wesleyan College at Cameron, Mo. The next yea 
he went to the Northwestern University Academy, Evanston, Ill., as an in
structor in classics, and in 1895 he was appointed an instructor in New Testament Greek and assistant librarian at the Garrett Biblical Institute at Evanston. This position he held for three years, teaching also in the Chau
tauqua Summer College at Chautauqua, N. Y., from 1896 to 1898, when he
 left for his studies in Rome. On his return, he became, in 1899, librarian 
and instructor in Latin at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, leaving 
there in 1902 to become head cataloguer of the Princeton University Library. Three years later he became reference librarian, and in 1907 he was 
called to the Library of Congress at Washington as superintendent of the
 Reading Rooms. This position he resigned in order to accept the call from 

Mr. Bishop is the author of a "Practical Handbook of Modern Library
 Cataloguing," published at Baltimore in 1914, and is a frequent contributor 
to the Library Journal and other library periodicals. He also has published 
occasional articles in the Educational Review, the Sewanee Review, the
 Popular Science Monthly, and the American Journal of Theology, as well as 
various papers in the Proceedings of the American Library Association. Mr.
 Bishop is the American correspondent of the Zeitschrift fur Bibliothekwesen, of Vienna, Austria, and is also a contributor to the New International

On June 28, 1905, Mr. Bishop was married to Miss F. B. Burton, of
 Louisville, KY. They have one child.