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William T. Carter Jr.
Regent's Proceedings 123

William T. Carter, Jr., the Catherine B. Heller Professor of Art, will retire from active faculty status on December 31, 1988, after a productive career as an interior designer, teacher, and architect.

Professor Carter received his A.B. degree in architecture from The University of Michigan in 1952. He became a registered architect in the state of Michigan in 1956, and practiced professionally in Detroit with Albert Kahn, Inc., Suren Pilafian, Victor Gruen Associates, Joseph St. Cyr, and Ford and Earl Design Associates, Inc. Subsequent experience included private practice and consulting in space planning and interior design for residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

In 1964, Professor Carter joined the former College of Architecture and Design as an assistant professor of art; he was named associate professor in 1965 and professor in 1967. He taught visualization and three-dimensional design, as well as interior design. Under his leadership, the interior design program flourished. He has served on the School of Art Executive Committee and as faculty representative to the Senate Assembly.

A Rackham grant recipient, Professor Carter traveled extensively in Europe over the years, undertaking design research. In 1987, he became the fourth recipient of the Catherine B. Heller Faculty Professorship, continuing the same high standards set for this award by its previous recipients.

The Regents now salute this distinguished designer and architect for his contributions and dedicated service by naming William T. Carter, Jr., Catherine B. Heller Professor Emeritus of Art.