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Alumnus Returns To Campus To Head Ordnance Unit Of R.O.T.C.

William E. Renner
The Michigan Alumnus 264

NER, '27e, head of the Ordnance Unit of the Reserve Officers'
 Training Corps, is a Michigan man
 who came back to the Campus in
 September, 1940, as a member of
 the Faculty.

Major Renner, before
 being called to active duty in the
 Army, was an active member of the 
University of Michigan Club of
 Schenectady, New York. He served 
as a member of the Board of Gov
ernors of the Club in 1938 and 1939 
and was Vice-President in 1939. 

The Major was born in Schenec
tady, April 28, 1904. He spent his 
boyhood on a farm in Vermont, and 
he graduated from high school in
 Utica, New York, in 1921. He
 worked for two years and entered 
the University in 1923. He was to
tally self-supporting in college, yet 
he went out for basketball and base
ball and was active in R.O.T.C. He
 won memberships in Tau Beta Pi, 
 Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Triangle, 
 and Quarterdeck, and he joined 
Lambda Chi Alpha, social frater

After his return to the Cam
pus in 1940 Major Renner was
 made a member of Scabbard and
 Blade. He was graduated in 1927
 with two degrees, Bachelor of Sci
ence in Mechanical Engineering and
 Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. At
 the same time he received his re
serve commission as Second Lieu
tenant in Ordnance. He accepted a 
position with the General Electric 
Company in Schenectady as a test 
engineer, later working in the development of refrigeration, refriger
ator design, and finally he was 
placed in charge of research aimed
 at reducing the cost of home re

In 1939 he was Presi
dent of the General Electric En
gineers' Association. In the latter 
part of 1939, he accepted a position 
as head of the Department of Ad
ministrative Engineering at Syra
cuse University. When he was
 called to active duty in the Army 
in June 1940, he had attained the 
rank of Captain. He spent the sum
mer of that year at Watervliet
 Arsenal, Troy, New York, and in
 September he was called to his post 
at the University. He was pro
moted to the rank of Major in July 1941.

William Renner was married 
in his senior year in college to Miss
 Doris Perrin, of Corning, New York. 
 They have three boys and a girl. A
 great lover of the out-of-doors, he
 likes nothing better than to pile his
 family into the car and go on a 
camping trip. Major Renner is an
 active church worker. He was a 
reader of the Christian Science
 Church in Schenectady, and he became affiliated with the church in
 Ann Arbor as soon as he returned. He is a member of the American
 Society of Mechanical Engineers 
and the Society for the Promotion
 of Engineering Education.