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Willard Titus Barbour
The Michigan Alumnus 65-77

Willard Titus Barbour, who has just been appointed Assistant Professor
 of Law, was born at Coldwater, Michigan, November 26, 1884.

He was
 graduated in 1905 from the University of Michigan with the degree of A.B. 
He then entered the Law Department, and was graduated in 1908 with the 
degree of A.M. and LL.B. During the year 1907-08, he was assistant in
 American History in the University.

In the meantime, he had received the 
appointment to the Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford, and entered Oriol 
College, Oxford, where he took up special studies in Law during the years
 1908-09, and 1910-12, receiving the degree of B.Litt. in Jurisprudence from
 Oxford in Jun, 1912. His work in England was almost entirely in Jurisprudence and Legal History, and for two years, he worked under the 
immediate direction of Mr. Vinogradoff, Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence 
at Oxford.

During the summer of 1912 he returned to America, and entered
 upon his Professorship in the University. Professor Barbour has in preparation a monograph, "History of Con
tract in Early English Equity," which will be published next October in the
 "Oxford Studies in History and Jurisprudence," edited by Professor Vinogradoff.