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Classroom Profile

Wilford J. Eiteman
The Michigan Alumnus 159

WILFORD EITEMAN, Professor of Finance in the School of Business Ad
ministration, joined the faculty in 1947 
with a background of teaching in sev
eral other colleges and universities, be
sides having the experience of past
 service as an accountant, treasurer,
 advisor and other posts with private 

He is the author of text-
books such as "The Stock Market,"
"Corporation Finance," and "Price
 Determination," and has written on 
subjects varying from technical articles 
on business and finance, to the geology 
of Alaska. He became interested in 
the latter subject when he was serving
 as Price Executive of Alaska at June an
 during 1942-43, for the OPA.

 Eiteman was born in Rock Island,
 Illinois. He earned the Bachelor of 
Music degree at Chicago Musical Col
lege. He studied at Ohio Wesleyan 
University, receiving both the A.B.
 and the A .M. degrees from there before
 going on to Ohio State University,
 earning the Ph.D. degree in 1931.

While studying at Ohio Wesleyan, he
 was an instructor in business organ
ization, and from 1929 to 1931 he was 
an instructor in economics at Ohio
 State. For the next six years Dr. Eite
man served on the faculty at Albion 
College (Albion, Michigan), and then 
joined the staff at Duke University,
 where he became an Associate Profes

For a year before coming to Ann
 Arbor, he was an Associate Professor
 of Finance at Rutgers University, and 
the year before that he was a civilian 
instructor at the Army University at 
Biarritz, France. During 1942-43, Dr.
 Eiteman was a fellow of the Social
 Science Research Council, and he is a
 member of the American Economists 
Association, Beta Gamma Sigma and 
Phi Mu Alpha.

He is married to the
 former Sylvia Chmelik, and they have 
two sons, David and Dean. This versa
tile Professor is an amateur magician, 
and indulges in that activity as a hobby.