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Walter John Weber
Regent's Proceedings 567

Walter John Weber, Instructor in Physical Education and Assistant Football Coach, is attempting to retire from the University, which has known and loved him since his first association with it over forty years ago.

Matriculating from Mount Clemens, Michigan, where he was born, "Professor" Weber spent a year at Wayne University before coming to Michigan and receiving his A.B. degree in 1926. From 1927 to 1931 he served as a teacher and head football coach at Benton Harbor High School. During the same period he pursued graduate studies at the University, receiving his M.A. degree in 1929.

To thousands of young athletes, alumni, and football enthusiasts throughout the nation, the name "Wally Weber" is synonymous with the great Michigan athletic tradition. Not only was he a recruiter and builder of fine athletic talent, but he also carried the Michigan spirit into nearly every banquet hall in this state and elsewhere in the country. This prolific purveyor of pertinent, poignant, phraseology is universally recognized as the Michigan Athletic Department's ambassador to the listening public everywhere.

Yet for all his gregarious galavanting, the University is deeply indebted to him for the quiet, unheralded counsel and assistance he has given young athletes who were students as well, and who benefited from his advice and wisdom in preparing for careers and vocations quite removed from the gridiron.

The Regents take this opportunity to express their sincerest appreciation and highest commendation to Wally Weber for his years of service and dedication to the University as they name him Assistant Football Coach Emeritus and Instructor Emeritus in Physical Education.