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Walter David Block
Regents' Proceedings 373

Walter David Block Professor of Human Nutrition in the Department of Community Health Programs, School of Public Health and Associate Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Dermatology, Medical School, after completion of his retirement furlough year, will retire June 30, 1982 from a most productive career as a teacher and researcher.

A native of Dayton, Ohio, Professor Block received his doctoral degree in biological chemistry from this University in 1938. From 1939-1944 he served as Instructor in the Department of Biological Chemistry of the Medical School and Research Associate in the Rackham Arthritis Research Unit. He later was appointed Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry, Department of Dermatology, Medical School.

In the late 1940's he served as a Commercial Biochemical Consultant for the Viobin Corporation, Springfield, Ohio. Dr. Block returned to the University of Michigan in 1952 to resume his post in the Department of Dermatology as an Associate Professor. In 1967 he accepted a position as Associate Professor of Human Nutrition in the School of Public Health and was promoted to Professor in 1969. He served as chairman of the Nutritional Science Program for the Rackham Graduate School from 1970-1976.

Throughout his career he has served as consultant and advisor to various clinical and research laboratories throughout Michigan and Indiana. His many research interests include studies in protein-calorie malnutriton, the role of standardized exercise on tissue lipid distribution, triglyceride and carbohydrate metabolism in normal adults and in patients with coronary heart disease, and biochemical studies related to the Tecumseh (Michigan) Community Health Survey.

In recognition of his dedication to teaching and research, the Regents now salute this distinguished professional educator by naming him Professor Emeritus of Human Nutrition and Associate Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry.