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Michigan Portraits- XX

Walter Bowers Pillsbury
The Michigan Alumnus 205

Michigan Portraits No. XX

Walter B. Pillsbury is Professor of Psychology in the University. He is 
also one of the leading men in his field in this country,—in fact he gained 
an international reputation with his book, "Attention," which was first 
published in French, later in English and then in Spanish. Professor
 Pillsbury is a native of the "great open spaces," born in Iowa in 1872, he received his A.
B. degree in the University of Nebraska in 1892. Later, after some years study under
 Professor Titchener he received his Ph. D. degree at Cornell, coming to Michigan in 1897
as instructor. He became Professor of Philosophy in 1910.

Professor Pillsbury was an Exchange Professor at the Sorbonne in 1922, was Chair
man of the Editorial Committee on "Studies in Psychology" in 1917, was President of the
 American Psychological Association in 1910-1911. In addition to his work on "Attention" 
be has published among other works, "Psychology of Reasoning," 1910; "The Essentials 
of Psychology," 1911; "The Fundamentals of Psychology," in 1916.