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Volney Morgan Spalding
The Michigan Alumnus 58-65

Volney Morgan Spalding, who has 
been professor of botany since 1885
 and who was last year on leave of 
absence, has tendered his resignation
 which has been accepted.

 Spalding was a graduate of the University with the class of 1873 and re
ceived the Doctor's degree at the University of Leipsic.

During his connection with the University he has 
been president of the Michigan Academy of Science and president of the
 Society for Plant Morphology and
 Physiology. He has written a "Guide 
to the Study of Common Plants and
 an Introduction to Botany," "A Monograph on the White Pine," and num
erous papers in botanical and other
 scientific subjects.

During the past
 year he has been conducting for the
 Carnegie Institution an investigation 
into the flora of desert regions of the
 southwestern part of the United