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Vivian B. Shapiro
Regents' Proceedings 118

The Regents of The University of Michigan extend to Harold and Vivian
Shapiro their warmest greetings and deep gratitude on the occasion of their
move to Princeton University.

In 1964, they came to Ann Arbor directly after Harold's graduate work at
Princeton. They set about all the usual tasks of a new faculty family, raising
children, going to school, teaching, researching, struggling, and achieving.
By 1970, Harold had become a full professor while Vivian had completed
her Master of Social Work degree and had begun her clinical work at the
Huron Valley Child Guidance Clinic. In 1977, Harold was named Vice
President for Academic Affairs and Vivian, Lecturer in the School of Social
Work. She became an Assistant Professor in 1980 and Associate Professor
in 1985, while he became President in 1980. Each step brought more
responsibility, stronger commitment, and progressively greater
accomplishments. They have done it all with a style, grace, and dedication
that are nearly unmatched in University annals.

It is difficult to grasp or adequately describe in words all that they have
given to this community, and to this University. Their mark, while gently
applied, will be indelible. They led us to excellence. To say that they
executed their respective offices of President and Associate Professor with
high distinction considerably understates the contributions of these two
remarkable people to the life of this University. They are now and will be
forever a part of the very fabric of this institution.

The Regents commend Harold and Vivian Shapiro for their service in every
facet of the life of this community. We wish them Godspeed in their new
endeavors and express our fond hope that we might welcome them back
from Princeton on yet another day.

It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude that the Regents now name
Vivian Shapiro Associate Professor Emeritus of Social Work and Harold
Shapiro, President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Economics. Regent
Baker seconded the motion, which was followed by a resounding standing
ovation. Mrs. Shapiro and President Shapiro each expressed their gratitude
for the support they have received from the Regents, the executive officers,
and all members of the University community during their years at The
University of Michigan.