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Victoria Euphemia Tondrowski
Regent's Proceedings 525

Victoria Euphemia Tondrowski, a veteran of thirty years teaching in the dental hygiene program at the University, has now commenced her formal retirement.

Born and schooled in Buffalo, New York, and trained in nursing at the Buffalo General Hospital, Miss Tondrowski completed the curriculum in dental hygiene at the Michigan Dental School in 1926. After gaining substantial experience in both private and hospital practice, she returned to the University's Dental Clinic in 1939. Holding successive appointments as Instructor, Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor, she has since borne the major responsibility for clinical instruction in dental hygiene here.

Herself a tireless and dedicated worker, Miss Tondrowski held her students to high technical standards while imbuing them as well with steady alertness and a deep sense of responsibility. As the program has grown, she has devoted additional labor to orienting and supervising new members of the dental hygiene staff. She has further assisted in clinical studies of cleansing techniques for orthodontic patients, the evaluation of gums as a plaque and calculus preventive, and the alertness of hygienists to signs of dental disease. Founder and first president of the local chapter of Sigma Phi Alpha, a national honor society for dental hygienists, she served also as secretary of the Dental Hygiene Division of the American Association of Dental Schools.

The Regents of the University salute Miss Tondrowski most cordially as they confer on her the title Associate Professor Emerita of Dentistry, and they express their warm concurrence in the admiration, which her colleagues, her students, and a host of former students have voiced for her devoted ministry.