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Tsui-Sui Annie Kao

Dr. Tsui-Sui Annie Kao is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. Her research focuses on understanding parental influences on adolescents’ health behavior development and aims to develop family interventions to maximize positive interactions between parents and adolescents. Recognizing the essential role of an individual’s family culture, Dr. Kao’s research emphasizes adolescents’ familial values and strengths. She aims to promote health practices and reduce risky behaviors among culturally diverse adolescents and their families.She currently serves as a principal investigator on a research project titled “Healthy Opportunity for Parental Expectancies” to understand Caucasian and Asian American adolescents’ perspectives about how their health behaviors are related interactions with their parents. Additionally, Dr. Kao has six years of experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She currently practices at a homeless clinic, where she provides primary care for clients who are homeless or do not have health insurance, and where she precepts nurse practitioner students. As an educator, Dr. Kao aims to foster scientific knowledge in her students, and teaches using evidence rooted in practice. Using her research as a model, she challenges her nurse practitioner students to employ behavioral and family theories in their clinical practice.