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Thomas Sherdin Tanner
Regent's Proceedings 356

Thomas Sheridan Tanner, architect and civil engineer, who taught Memoir building construction in the College of Architecture from the time that he commenced his architectural practice in Ann Arbor in 1927, has concluded his terminal furlough and entered upon his retirement.

Professor Tanner earned an engineering degree from the University of Illinois in 1917 and, after service in the Army, attended also the University of Grenoble in France. He earned a master's degree in architecture at The University of Michigan in 1941 while engaging in private practice and instructing part time.

Shortly thereafter, his civil-engineering experience taking on military value, he became a naval officer and served as a lieutenant commander in a construction battalion in the Pacific.

When he returned to Ann Arbor to resume his dual career, the University appointed him Assistant Professor of Architecture. He increased the amount of his teaching to three-fourths time in 1953 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1959.

From his long-established professional practice, Professor Tanner brought to the classroom a wealth of practical information, which both interested his students and widened their horizons. His own textbook on roof truss and girder design attested at once his abilities and his commitment as a teacher. As a practicing architect, he won honors from professional societies, including a first honor award from the Western Michigan Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for the design of the Sundelson home in Ann Arbor.

The Regents of the University want to express the gratitude, which they share with Professor Tanner's colleagues for his able teaching and loyal co-operation over the years. They trust that he will long retain his University contacts and enjoy the perquisites of the title now conferred, Associate Professor Emeritus of Architecture.