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Campus Profiles

Thomas E. Kauper
The Michigan Alumnus 316

THOMAS E. KAUPER, '57, '60l, Editor-in-Chief of The Michigan 
Law Review, has recently been show
ered with honors in the Law School, 
including appointment as one of two
 clerks to serve Associate Justice Pot
ter Stewart of the U.S. Supreme 
Court, one of the highest honors a law
 student can receive. Appointment is
 effective for one or two years, and
 then Kauper plans to enter private 
practice and possibly teach. At the
 annual Honors Day Banquet, he re
ceived the 1908 Law Memorial
 Award, the Henry M. Bates Memorial
 Award, the Book Awards in conflict
 of laws and evidence courses, and
 was admitted to the Order of Coif. He
 has been a member of Case Clubs and
 is now in Barristers. Kauper, son of 
Prof. Paul G. Kauper, J.D'32, is mar
ried to the former Shirley Worrell,
 '58p, a pharmacist at Health Service.