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Classroom Profile

Theodore Larson
The Michigan Alumnus 497

the faculty as a Professor of Archi
tecture in September, 1948, he brought
 with him a wide background of ex
perience as an architect and project 
planner who had done a great deal
 of work in housing and magazine work.

He was born in Kansas City, Mis
souri, and graduated from Westport
 High school there before entering Harvard University, where he earned his
 A.B. in 1925 (magna cum laude).
During his Senior year at Harvard he
 earned honors in English and won the
 George B. Sohier Prize. Continuing 
his education, Professor Larson at
tended the Harvard Graduate School 
of Design and earned the Master's de
gree and the Nelson Robinson Travel
ing Fellowship in 1929. From 1930 to
 1936, he served as Associate Editor of
 "Architectural Record," and spent the
 next three years as research consultant
 for F. W. Dodge Corporation, a building statistics and publishing concern.

During 1939 and 1940, Professor Lar
son was employed as architect and 
project planner with the U.S. Housing
 Authority at Washington, D. C., and 
then he became Technical Editor of 
"Architectural Forum".

In 1942 he left
 that post because of the war and as 
area representative for the National 
Housing Administrator was in charge
 of housing war workers in Washing
ton, D. C. Then during 1944 and 1945
 he served as Technical Consultant to
 the Senate Military Affairs Subcom
mittee on War Mobilization, and in
 1946 was named Assistant Technical
 Director of the National Housing
 Agency. His last two posts before join
ing the University faculty were as
 Technical Director of "General Homes, 
Inc." at Columbus, Ohio, and finally 
as Associate Editor of "Architectural 

Professor Larson, co-author
 of "Planning for Productivity," is, a
 member of Phi Beta Kappa and the
 Congres Internationale D'Architecture
 Moderne. At the University he recent
ly became a member of the Engineer
ing Research Council and he serves
 on the Executive Committee of the 
College of Architecture and Design.

He is married to Marjorie W. Mac
Naught, and they have two sons, Ronal
 and Dana, both students at University 
High school. Professor Larson's hob
bies include photography, golf, hiking
 and the unusual hobby of making
 statistical charts.