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Terrence N. Tice
Regent's Proceedings 388

Terrence N. Tice, professor of education, School of Education, retired from active faculty status on May 31, 1997.

Professor Tice received his B.A. degree from the University of Arizona in 1953; his B.D. and Th.D. degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1957 and 1961, respectively; and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Michigan in 1970. He served as preceptor in systematic theology at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1958-59 and as assistant professor of philosophy and religion at Centre College of Kentucky from 1961-62. Professor Tice joined the faculty of the School of Education as a lecturer in 1969. He was promoted to assistant professor in 1970, associate professor in 1975, and professor in 1979. During a ten-year period of psychoanalytic training, Professor Tice received a rare waiver of the M.D. requirement from the American Psychoanalytic Association in 1976. He also had an appointment as research scientist in the Urban, Technological, and Environmental Planning Program from 1983-88 and taught in the newly formed Residential College from 1967-72.

Within the School of Education, Professor Tice taught undergraduate courses in philosophy and philosophy of education; at the graduate level, his courses included history and philosophy of European education, advanced philosophy of education, and the formation of educational inquiry for the dissertation. He interacted regularly with both undergraduate and graduate students who carried on work related to his interests and program. Professor Tice directed the Careers in Education Office of the Residential College from 1969-72 and chaired the University Values Program, an all-University program established to facilitate ways of dealing with value issues on campus, from 1975-76.

During his career, Professor Tice participated in numerous professional associations, including the American Educational Research Association, the John Dewey Society for the Study of Education and Culture, and the World Future Society. He chaired the International Schleiermacher Association and the Schleiermacher Society of America and co-edited the Schleiermacher Studies and Translations series. He has served as consulting editor and has been a regular contributor to Education Digest since 1977.

The Regents now salute this faculty member by naming Terrence N. Tice professor emeritus of education.