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Sunil M. Agnani
University of Illinois at Chicago

I hold a joint appointment as an Associate Professor with the Department of English and the Department of History at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and teach courses on the European Enlightenment, eighteenth-century British and French thought, and on the literature of empire and decolonization. I’ve published a book, Hating Empire Properly: The Two Indies and the Limits of Enlightenment Anticolonialism (Fordham University Press, April 2013; Kindle version, Feb 2013) which reads the literature of the Enlightenment in relation to debates in postcolonial thought. Other representative publications include an essay on Denis Diderot entitled “Doux commerce, douce colonisation” in The Anthropology of the Enlightenment (Stanford UP, 2007), and an article examining Edmund Burke’s writings on France in relation to his involvement in Indian affairs, “Jacobinism in India, Indianism in English Parliament” (Cultural Critique, Winter 2008).