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Stephen H. Spurr
Regents' Proceedings 1091

In connection with the resignation of Vice-President Spurr, S. H. Spurr Regent Brown offered the following resolution, which was seconded by Regent Dunn and adopted unanimously:

The Regents of the University, noting that Vice-President STEPHEN H. SPURR formally concludes his tenure at the end of this month, take this occasion to tender him thanks and bid him Godspeed as he leaves to assume the presidency of the University of Texas.

During his nineteen years at Michigan, he fulfilled with high distinction the offices of Professor of Silviculture, Dean of the School of Natural Resources, Dean of the Graduate School, and University Vice-President. There is hardly another man in the history of the University who has served it at once so variously and so well. In every period, furthermore, he tended to add new responsibilities without sloughing off old. The State of Texas seems an appropriately spacious arena for the feats of versatility and industry, which he still holds in store.

The Regents now join the faculty and staff in grateful praise of his fidelity, his imaginative power, and his personal verve. And they confidently hope that the qualities for which he is here sorely missed will ensure him an enhanced distinction and success in his new office.

President Fleming said that the University is sorry to lose a man of Stephen Spurr's versatility and competence. Additionally, he has been a close personal friend of all the officers and many of the faculty and staff. President Fleming extended the very best wishes of the entire University community to Vice-President Spurr as he assumes the presidency of the University of Texas.