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Classroom Profile

Stanley E. Dimond
The Michigan Alumnus 228

'27, A.M.'29, Ph.D.'43, first taught
 at the University of Michigan during 
the summer of 1937, but then went
 back to Detroit, and he has been a t
his present duties as Professor of 
Education since 1950.

He was born at
 Aurora, Illinois, September 9, 1905,
 and received his early education there.
 While an undergraduate at Michigan 
he became a member of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon and Alpha Nu, and served on 
the Oratorical Association Board. He
 has also studied at the University of 
Chicago and at Northwestern Uni

Professor Dimond began his
 teaching career at Monmouth High
 School (Monmouth, Illinois), in 1927. 
From there he went to Redjord High 
School in Detroit, where he became 
Head of the Social Studies Depart
ment. In 1937, he was named Super
visor of Social Studies in Detroit,
 serving in that capacity until 1944,
 when he was named Director of the 
Citizenship Education Study for Wayne
 University and the Detroit public

In addition to that duty, a 
few years later he became Divisional
 Director of Social Studies and Citizen
ship Education Study, a position he 
held until joining the University of 
Michigan faculty. Additional teaching 
experience included a position at Har
vard University during the summer of

Professor Dimond's publications 
have been primarily on the subject of
 citizenship education. He has been
 named to the 1953 Yearbook Commis
sion of the American Association of 
School Administrators, and holds mem
bership in the following organizations:
 National Education Association, Na
tional Council for the Social Studies,
 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, American Edu
cational Research Association, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Foreign 
Policy Association, and others.

He is
 married to the former Ruth Bullis,
 an alumna of Northern Illinois State
 Teachers' College, and they have two
 young sons—Robert, twelve, and Paul, 
seven years old. When time permits,
 Professor Dimond enjoys participating
 in golf, bowling or bridge. Since joining
 the faculty he has been instrumental,
 in starting a faculty bowling league
 which has proven popular.