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Sharon Rae Snyder Bloodgood
School of Nursing

Sharon Rae Snyder Bloodgood, B.S.N., R.N., Clinical Instructor in Nursing (Fundamentals)

B.S.N., University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1961; M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, about 1975.

Staff nurse, University of Michigan Hospital, 1961-1963; clinical instructor in nursing (Fundamentals), University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1963-1966; nursing services administrator, St. Agnes Hospital, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, 1977-1988; adjunct professor of nursing, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 1985-1986.

Sharon Rae Snyder was married to John Foster Bloodgood, an electrical engineering graduate of the University of Michigan, in 1962 in Evansville, Indiana, her home town. The Bloodgoods moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1966 and then to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1970. Sharon Bloodgood was candidate for Fond du Lac Common Council in 1982, running on a platform of “quality service to the community at an acceptable price,” conceding that these goals are often at odds, but that she would bring to the table her skills in goal-setting, decision-making, and fiscal management, as well as an open mind and respect for the thoughts and opinions of others.

In October of 1988, Sharon Bloodgood and Joan Metzler, who had been director of the psychiatric unit at St. Agnes Hospital, started a consulting business in Fond du Lac called Metzler Bloodgood Associates. The consultants conducted seminars on team building, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational effectiveness, using the catch phrase “Creating an Environment in Which Employees Can Do Their Best Work.”

Sharon Bloodgood served as president of Winnebagoland District Nurses’ Association about 1978-1979. The association honored her with the Image in Nursing award in 1987 and the Excellence in Nursing award in 1988. In 1993 Bloodgood was vice president of Friends of Women in Recovery, a support group in Fond du Lac that was instrumental in opening a halfway house for women recovering from alcohol and other drug addictions.