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Ruth Katherine McCollum
The T.P.R.

“Miss McCollum”

Miss McCollum, who has been our instructor in surgery, is leaving us to be supervisor on the tuberculosis floors. She is a graduate of West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois. After graduating she spent four years at her own hospital as supervisor of the newborn infants’ nursery. She enjoyed this work immensely. After this, she took a position as school nurse and welfare worker in Elmhurst. Among other things she has done is to take a post-graduate course in Pediatrics at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Her summers while in school were not spent idly, for she worked in a tuberculosis sanatorium to gain more experience. This points out why she is so very interested in working on floors seven and eight, the floors for tuberculosis patients in our hospital. Still later, her work took her to Berea College in Kentucky as instructor of nurses for eight years, and as director for two years. She then came to the University of Michigan Hospital.

Miss McCollum has helped many of us over tight spots on the surgery floors and has instructed us in many procedures. We shall be glad to see her when we go to the tuberculosis floors and we will look forward to working with her again.

[Unsigned personal profile in The T.P.R. dated March 25, 1946, a publication of the University of Michigan School of Nursing.]