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Ruth Carney Parmenter
Regents' Proceedings 98

Ruth Carney Parmenter, Associate Professor of Nursing and Assistant Director of Nursing Services in the University Hospital, relinquished her active offices last summer after serving on the University faculty for twenty six years.

Mrs. Parmenter earned successively a nursing certificate from the Henry Ford School of Nursing and Hygiene, a baccalaureate degree from the University's School of Nursing (in 1935), and a public health certificate from the Wayne College of Nursing. She gained various experience in health education, field teaching, and field supervision with the Detroit Department of Health. After brief service in the Army Nurse Corps, she came to the University Medical Center in 1946 and was promoted to her present academic title in 1960; a year earlier she had become Assistant Director of Nursing Services in the Outpatient Department of the Hospital.

Mrs. Parmenter was at once efficient and sensitive in carrying out her duties, so that she was warmly regarded by the students and faculty of the Nursing School and also by the patients and staff in the Hospital. Within the Nursing School, where her long experience in public health nursing gave her added versatility, she contributed significantly to course design and curriculum planning as well as to instruction.

The Regents of the University express to her their own personal gratitude and good wishes as they appoint her now Associate Professor Emeritus of Nursing.