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Russell Welford Bunting
The Michigan Alumnus 84-91

Russell Welford Bunting, who becomes Assistant Professor of Den
tistry, was born June 2, 1881, in Ann

After graduating from the 
Ann Arbor High School he entered
 the Dental Department of the Univer
sity from which he received the degrees of D.D.S. in 1902 and D.D.Sc. in

Immediately after his gradua
tion he took up the practice of dentist
ry, and in 1904 became instructor
 in the University as well, teaching
 dental pathology in the Dental Depart
ment, a position which he held until
 1910, when he became Assistant Pro

After his appointment in
 August 1910, he discontinued prac
tice for the purpose of giving his full 
time to teaching and scientific research 
in dental pathology.

He has written 
the following papers: "Recurrent
 Caries;" "The Dental Pulp and its 
Pathology;" "A Report of the Exam
ination of the Mouths of 1500 School 
Children in Public Schools of Ann Ar
bor, Mich.;" "Our Duty to the Child
ren in the Public Schools;" "The
 Potassium Sulphocyanate in the 

He was married Aug. 10, 1904, to Mattie Janes.