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Rodney Lowman

I am a first-generation Latino-American on my mother's side and, on my father's side, a direct descendant of pioneers who helped settle the West. I'm the first in my immediate family to graduate from college. I am honored to be running for APA president-elect and am excited about the opportunities to help make APA the "go to" organization for all fields of psychology. 

A fellow in four APA Divs. (Society of Clinical Psychology, Society of Consulting Psychology, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and International), I have emphasized the following areas in my career: 

Education and training:

My PhD in psychology is from Michigan State University, where I received outstanding training in both industrial-organizational and clinical psychology. I completed an APA-accredited internship in clinical psychology at the Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences in Houston. I've taught and conducted research at several universities, including the University of Michigan, Duke University School of Medicine and University of North Texas. Since 1998, I've been with the not-for-profit California School of Professional Psychology (now part of Alliant International University) where I am a distinguished professor. Having lived abroad twice and three times in U.S. border cities, I care deeply about internationalizing psychology.

Science and scholarship:

I've written or edited nine books and edited two APA journals (including, currently, Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research). I have published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and chapters and made hundreds of presentations on six continents. The themes of my work include professional ethics, career assessment and counseling, psychotherapy of work dysfunctions, and internationalism-multiculturalism. My latest book is "Internationalizing Multiculturalism: Expanding Professional Competencies for a Globalized World."

Professional practice:

I have practiced psychology throughout my career, including full time for seven years. My areas of professional practice include both I-O consulting and clinical. In clinical, I've worked with children, families and adults and on the organizational and consulting side, with employees and institutions. I am board certified in assessment psychology.
Service to professional psychology:

I have served on a number of APA boards and committees including as chair of the Board of Professional Affairs, Board of Convention Affairs, the CEO's Strategic Planning Advisory Committee, and the Committee on Professional Practice and Standards. I have been a member of the Ethics Committee and Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessments.

Organizational leadership and consulting:

I have served in leadership roles throughout my career, particularly in high-risk start-ups and turnarounds. I've been a department chair, dean, provost, acting president and president of two universities, president of two psychological societies, and been a consultant to a number of organizations in the for-profit and not-for profit sectors. I understand complex organizations and how to help them be more effective.


My wife, Dr. Linda Richardson, is a clinical psychologist who has served as a psychologist and manager in correctional institutions and in public service settings. She specializes in serious mental illness and serves on APA's Task Force on Serious Mental Illness. Our daughter is an educational technology entrepreneur and writer.