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Robert S. Fox
Regent's Proceedings 812

The Regents of the University wish to extend their sincere sympathy to the wife and family of Dr. Robert S. Fox, Professor of Education, who died in Boulder, Colorado, on March 2, 1974. Dr. Fox was on leave from the University and was serving as Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Colorado as well as Director of the Educational Resources Information Center's Clearing House for Social Studies/Social Science Education.

Born in 1918 at Coldwater, Michigan, he earned his bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Denver in 1939 and 1940 respectively. He did further graduate work at Stanford University, Claremont Graduate School, and San Diego State College, earning his Ed.D. at Stanford in 1950. He served in various teaching capacities and curriculum coordination duties in California schools prior to his appointment as Assistant Professor of Education and Principal of the University Elementary School at The University of Michigan in 1950. Dr. Fox was promoted to Associate Professor in 1954 and became Director of the University School in 1955, a post he held until the School was discontinued in 1968. He was elevated to full professor in 1958.

Throughout his career Dr. Fox was an avid researcher and excellent school administrator. This combination of qualities enabled him to provide excellent direction for the laboratory school, which he headed for eighteen years. He was a prolific contributor in both professional and governmental forums on educational innovation.

The University morns this loss of one of his most dedicated faculty members whose achievements were so valued by his colleagues and students everywhere.