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Resolution in Honor of Robben W. Fleming

Robben Wright Fleming
Regent's Proceedings 480

The Regents of the University are pleased to extend their warmest greetings and hearty congratulations to Robben W. Fleming as he concludes his formal association with the University.

In July 1967, through the vehicle of an honorary degree, the Regents conferred alumnus status on this remarkable leader of people. In January 1968 they invested him as the ninth president of The University of Michigan and professor of law. In December 1978 they named him to the post of advisor to the University as he left to assume the presidency of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The Regents welcomed him back in 1982 as a full-time professor of law. It is for his service in this latter post that the Regents now declare once again their enormous gratitude for his having shared so much of his distinguished career with The University of Michigan.

Robben Fleming has been a dedicated teacher of the law and a leader of national stature in the field of arbitration. He has been a versatile and compassionate administrator, enjoying the nearly unique distinction of heading two of the most respected public universities in the nation.

But for all of this, the Regents now cite both Bob and Sally Fleming for the warmth of their friendship, the sincerity of their dedication to the University, and the gentle firmness of the direction they afforded to this community. Throughout their years of association, they have given the fullest measure of their talents, their strengths, and their devotion.

Now, in addition to their previous action of naming the Administration Building in his honor, the Regents now happily confer on Robben Wright Fleming their highest commendation and name him Professor Emeritus of Law and President Emeritus of The University of Michigan.