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Resolution in Honor of Robben W. Fleming

Robben Wright Fleming
Regent's Proceedings 29

Resolution in Honor of Robben W. Fleming

The Regents of The University of Michigan once again gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Robben W. Fleming, who completed an eight-month assignment as Interim President of the University on August 31, 1988.

In the fall of 1987 it became clear that the Regents would not be able to complete their search for a new president by the time that President Harold Shapiro's term was to conclude. They sought out and happily persuaded Robben Fleming to serve in the interim period that began on January 1, 1988.

Thus did he resume the reins of leadership and proceed to carry the institution forward with his fondly remembered style of artful persuasion. The challenges of the period were not left to later resolution by a new administration. They were dealt with in the same effective, forthright manner that characterized his previous eleven-year presidency that spanned the period from 1967 to 1978.

And so the Regents and the entire University community convey once more their deep appreciation to Bob and Sally Fleming for serving so well and so unselfishly in this further demonstration of their love and dedication to a grateful institution.

Following Regent Brown's reading of the resolution, the Flemings received a standing ovation. President Emeritus and Mrs. Fleming both expressed their thanks to the Regents, and spoke of their deep affection for the University. President Duderstadt noted that during their recent service in the interim presidency, the Flemings had served as mentors and role models for both him and Mrs. Duderstadt.