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Announced as University of Michigan President

Robben Wright Fleming
Regent's Proceedings 454

President Hatcher called to order the special meeting of the Regents at 10:05 A.M. He stated that the gavel with which he presided was made from the railing of the stairs of old University Hall. This was the farthest, he said, that he could return to the past at this historic moment in the history of the University. He went on to say that there was a certain rhythm of time that God had built into His universe and that from time to time the Regents of the University must pause to select its next president. The Presidential Selection Committee, which the Regents had appointed was now, he concluded, prepared to offer a resolution recommending its choice.

Regent Briggs stated:

At the outset, Mr. President, and on behalf of the Presidential Selection Committee, I want to express our deep and most sincere appreciation for the fine assistance we have had from the Faculty, Student, and Alumni Advisory committees. I might add that Professors Eastman and McCracken of the Faculty Committee, Miss Gretchen Groth of the Student Committee, and Mr. Joseph Hooper of the Alumni Committee, joined with the Regents' Committee in an extended interview with the nominee being recommended. Also, we appreciate the excellent help provided by Professor Howard Peckham and his staff.

On behalf of the Presidential Selection Committee, I submit to the Board of Regents the nomination as the next president of the University of Michigan Robben Wright Fleming, presently Chancellor and Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Mr. Fleming was in the original group of candidates recommended by the Faculty Advisory Committee. In its evaluation of him the Committee said, "Without exception, the comments which have been obtained (both written and oral) from those who know him and have seen him work have been unanimous in lavish praise.... He is rated an outstanding scholar and excellent teacher."

The Student Advisory Committee in a recent report appraised Mr. Fleming favorably.

Mr. Fleming's academic and administrative experience has been at the Universities of Illinois and Wisconsin, from which he earned his law degree. His baccalaureate degree is from Beloit College where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. His special field of interest is in labor law and industrial relations. He has published extensively in this field and has been much in demand as an arbitrator. In 1966 he was elected president of the National Academy of Arbitrators.

At Wisconsin his student-administration and faculty-administration relations are described as excellent. I quote again from the Faculty Advisory Committee evaluation: "When finding it necessary to decide against the wishes of some special interest groups, he has managed to do so in such a manner as to avoid offending them-and to retain their trust and (it seems) their affection."

A sense of Mr. Fleming's attitudes may be evident from a remark he made in a Chancellor's Report last September. He said, "It will always be a black mark against large universities when we have to admit that there are students who graduate without knowing a single professor well enough to ask him for a personal recommendation."

Mr. Fleming is a proven administrator, teacher, scholar, and humanitarian.

Mr. President, I move the election of Robben Wright Fleming as President of The University of Michigan effective January 1, 1968, and as President-designate effective September 1, 1967. The above motion was supported, and when voted upon, passed unanimously.

Honorary Degree University of Michigan, 1967

An honorary Doctor for the President-designate, Robben Wright Fleming, to be awarded at either the August or December Commencement.