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Richard A. Cellarius
Regents' Proceedings 1416

The Vice-President for Academic Affairs was pleased to make special Comments on Appointment of note of the appointment of Dr. Richard A. Cellarius as Assistant Professor of Botany. The Vice-President said:

Dr. Cellarius' specialization is photosynthesis, and in his research he has explored models of chloroplasts in an effort to understand the action of chlorophyll and related pigments. Because of their complexity, chloroplasts have resisted dissection, so that Dr. Cellarius has constructed models whose activities represent those of chloroplasts. Although it must be said that his advanced studies have just begun, he already has succeeded in measuring light-induced changes in polystyrene balls coated with chlorophylls. These results promise important future findings. Because photosynthesis is perhaps the most important biochemical process on earth, and because Dr. Cellarius is enthusiastically committed to study in this area, we very much desire to appoint him as a member of our faculty. In addition to the valuable investigations in which he already is engaged, Dr. Cellarius is also interested in teaching elementary work in biology. Also, because of his excellent training in physics and chemistry, he fits well into developing University interests in molecular biology.


Richard A Cellarius, PH.D., appointed Assistant Professor of Botany, University year 1966-67.

Associate Professor 1972