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Reuben Peterson
The Michigan Alumnus 190

Death removed from the ranks of
 the nation's experts in obstetrics
 and gynecology one of its outstanding
 members when Dr. Reuben Peterson, 
 Sc.D. (Hon.) '36, Professor-Emeritus of 
the Department of Obstetrics and
 Gynecology, succumbed at his home in 
Duxbury, Mass., November 25, at the 
age of 80. 

Dr. Peterson was born in Boston, 
 Mass., on June 29, 1862, and gradu
ated from the Harvard University
 School of Medicine in 1889. After sev
eral years of practice in Grand Rapids
 he joined the University staff as Pro
fessor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in
 1901. In 1926, he became Bates Pro
fessor of Diseases of Women and Chil
dren, and in 1931 he was awarded the 
title of Professor-Emeritus. He served
 as Medical Director of University Hos
pital in 1912-18, and was a Major in 
the United States Medical Corps in

A Fellow of the American 
Gynecological Society, Dr. Peterson served as its President in 1911, 
 and was also President of the Chicago
 Gynecological Society in 1910. He was 
a member and one of the founders of 
the American College of Surgeons and 
an honorary Fellow of the Edinburgh
 Obstetrical Society. 

During the past several years Dr.
 Peterson had been at work on an exhaustive history of the University Hos
pital, and had completed his writings 
recently. The manuscripts have been
 deposited in the Michigan Historical
 Collections by University authorities. 
 A summary of the lengthy work will be 
published in the University Encyclopedic Survey soon. Dr. Peterson spent 
years in collecting the material for the 
book, and the manuscripts will prove 
of value to the University because of 
the thoroughness with which he con
ducted his research. 

Survivors of Dr. Peterson are his
 wife, Josephine; two sons, Reuben 
Peterson, Jr., '14, g'13-'14, Providence, 
 R. I., and Ward Peterson, '15-'17, '18-
'19, Ann Arbor; two daughters, Miss 
Marian Peterson, g'15'16, Cincinnati, 
 O., and Miss Julia Peterson, '18-'19, 
 Washington, D. C.; a sister, Mrs. John 
S. Phillips, Goshen, N. Y.; and six