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Classroom Profile

Rensis Likert
The Michigan Alumnus 271

Some twenty-five years ago, DR.
 RENSIS LIKERT, '26, e'22-25, took an
 active part in undergraduate student 
activities on the Campus, serving as
 Vice-President of the Michigan Union,
 President of the cabinet of Student
 Christian Association, and a member
 of Tau Beta Pi, Vulcans, Alpha Chi
 Sigma and other organizations. Now he is a Professor of Psychology and
 of Sociology, and Director of the Insti
tute for Social Research, having joined
 the faculty in 1946. Dr. Likert was 
born at Cheyenne, Wyoming, and re
ceived his high school education in
 schools in Kansas, Utah and Nebraska.

From 1930 to 1936, he taught psychology at New York University, at
 Sarah Lawrence and at Columbia Uni
versity, and earned the Ph.D. degree
 from the latter school in 1932. Abandoning his teaching duties for a time,
 Dr. Likert served as Head of the Research Department of Life Insurance
 Sales Research Bureau (now Life
 Agency Management Association) at 
Hartford, Connecticut. From there, in 
1939, he assumed the position of Head
 of the Division of Program Surveys in
 the Bureau of Agricultural Economics,
 U. S. Department of Agriculture. He
 held that post until 1946, when he
 joined the University of Michigan 
faculty, but during the last year, he 
was on leave serving in Europe and 
Japan as Director (civilian) of the
 Morale Division, U. S. Strategic
 Bombing Survey. For his work in this
 connection he earned the Medal of

Dr. Likert is a member of numerous professional organizations, a
 few of which are the American Statis
tical Association, American Manage
ment Association, American Psycho
logical Association and others. He is
 also a past member of the Executive
 Council of the American Association
 of Public Opinion Research and the 
Policy and Planning Board of the 
American Psychological Association.
 Dr. Likert and his wife, the former 
Charlotte Gibson, '25, have two
 daughters, Elizabeth Jane and Patricia