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Classroom Profile

Raymond William Kendall
The Michigan Alumnus 192

Musicology, or the scientific study of
 musical facts in all their ramifications, 
including fields as history, theory, aes
thetics, acoustics, anthropology, etc., 
in contrast to composition and performance, is the subject taught by Pro
fessor W. Raymond Kendall, who
 joined the staff in 1945.

Besides his 
teaching duties and membership in a
 host of organizations, he has been serv
ing as Executive Director of the Rach
maninoff Fund, Inc., since 1945; and
 the war years he was Special
 Consultant on Music in the Office of 
the Secretary of War at Washington; 
as well as representative of the USO
 and USAFI Joint Army-Navy Com
mittee on Recreation, Music Council, also at Washington.

Dr. Ken
dall was born at Pasadena, California,
 March 21, 1910, and attended Pasa
dena High school and Junior College.
 He received a B.A. degree from Occi
dental College in 1932; an M.A. from
 Stanford in 1937; attended Eastman
 School of Music for several months;
 studied at the University of Basel,
 Switzerland, for a year; and received
 a Ph.D. degree from Cornell Univer
sity in 1940.

Dr. Kendall began his
 teaching career as instructor of organ
 and theory at Whittier College in Cal
ifornia, and later served as instructor 
in music and assistant university or
ganist at Stanford. He was named Act
ing Executive Head of the Division of 
Music at Stanford in 1934-35 and
 1936-37, and from 1940-42 he served 
as Assistant Professor of Music at 
Dartmouth College.

In addition to ac
tivities mentioned above in connection
 with the war, he was National Director 
of Activity Services and Music Coordi
nator for the United Service Organiza
tions, Inc., for three years; and for 
two years served as music consultant
 on the editorial staff of the U. S. Armed 
Forces Institute.

A few of the organ
izations of which Dr. Kendall is a 
member are Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma
 Alpha Epsilon, National Music Coun
cil and the American Musicological So
ciety. He was married to Elizabeth
 H. McClelland, who passed away just 
last Fall, and has two sons—Robert,
 6, and Peter, 2.