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Ralph C. Wenrich
Regent's Proceedings 785

Ralph C Wenrich, Professor of Vocational Education and Practical Arts, retired from active faculty status effective May 31, 1977. In 1931 Mr. Wenrich earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University. He subsequently earned a Master of Science degree from the same institution in 1934. During 1940-41 the Pennsylvania State University invited Mr. Wenrich to serve as Assistant Professor of Industrial Education. From 1942-46 he served in the U.S. Army and ultimately earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Mr. Wenrich joined the faculty of The University of Michigan briefly in 1946 as a lecturer in vocational education. During the years 1946-50 he served as Associate Superintendent of Public Instruction and State Director of Vocational Education with the Michigan Department of Public Instruction in Lansing. He returned to The University of Michigan in 1950 and was named Director of Vocational Teacher Education in 1957.

During his 30 years in the School of Education, Mr. Wenrich served as a stabilizing force in the area of vocational and technical education. One of his major accomplishments, first developed in 1964, is the Leadership Development Program in Administration of Vocational and Technical Education. This program now counts nearly 300 active leaders in vocational-technical education as its alumni. The program continues to be recognized as one of the most effective leadership programs in the nation.

Mr. Wenrich is recognized as a national leader in vocational education and is often considered the father of vocational education in Michigan. In 1975, the American Vocational Association bestowed its highest award on Professor Wenrich. The Michigan Council of Vocational Administrators has recently established an annual award in Mr. Wenrich's name. The state legislature honored him with a joint resolution in 1976.

The Regents now salute this distinguished professor for his dedicated service by naming him Professor Emeritus of Vocational Education and Practical Arts.