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Former Athlete Now Associate Professor Of Oral Surgery

Philip Munro Northrop
The Michigan Alumnus 227

Although more than 15
 years have elapsed since he
 last wore the Maize and Blue for 
Michigan, few track fans have 
forgotten the achievements of Phil
ip M. Northrop, now Associate 
Professor of Oral Surgery, as a 
member of the late Coach Steve 
Farrell's squad. Northrop was a
 "triple-threat" trackman, winning 
points consistently in the broad
 jump, pole vault and javelin. His 
top performances include a toss of 
210 feet in the javelin, 13 feet in 
the pole vault, and a leap of over
 24 feet in the broad jump. His 
Conference record of 207 feet in
 the javelin stood from 1926 to
 1936. He captained the Varsity 
squad in 1927 when he won his 
third "M" in track.

Born in De
troit March 12, 1904, he was gradu
ated from the Michigan School of
 Dentistry in 1928, and received his
 M.S. in Oral Surgery in 1931. He
 was elected to Phi Kappa Phi in his
 Senior year, and was also a member
 of Sphinx and Michigamua.

present, he is a member of Delta
 Sigma Delta, Omicron Kappa Up
silon, Junior Research Club, Uni
versity Club and Barton Hills 
Country Club.

Dr. Northrop first 
became a member of the University 
faculty staff in 1928 when he 
served as Instructor in Clinical 
Dentistry. He spent six months in 
Detroit in oral surgery before ac
cepting a position in Blodgett
 Memorial Hospital in Grand Rap
ids, where he served for several
 years. After a year's private prac
tice there, Dr. Northrop returned
 to the University faculty staff as
 Assistant Professor of Oral Surgery 
in 1935, and was promoted to his 
present post of Associate Professor 
in 1941.

Dr. Northrop and Lo
raine Jennes, of North Dakota, were
 married in 1932 and have two chil
dren, Mary, eight years old, and 
Robert, five. Since he no longer
 competes in track, Dr. Northrop 
finds golf relaxing. He shoots in 
the low 80's at Barton Hills Country Club.