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Classroom Profile

Philip Jay
The Michigan Alumnus 514

Tooth decay, or dental caries, and 
the efforts to find remedies are the 
chief concern for research by PHILIP
 JAY, '23d, M.S. '24, who was promoted 
to the rank of Professor of Dentistry
 last July. He reports that investiga
tions are under way to determine the 
effect of fluorine on children's teeth 
against caries at the time of their formation, and it has been shown that
 sugar in diet is the cause of caries.

Dr. Jay received the honorary degree
 of Doctor of Science from Washington
 University's Dental School in 1941,
 conferred for his outstanding teaching 
in the previous ten years—he aided in
 initiating a series of saliva tests which 
showed the number of cavity-forming
 bacteria in the mouth, and in develop
ing a diet to reduce the count to 
normal in many cases.

A native of 
Detroit, Dr. Jay attended Detroit Cen
tral High School and Detroit Junior 
College before entering the University 
of Michigan. For four years after 
earning his M.S. degree he was an
 Associate in dental bacteriology in the
 School of Medicine and Dentistry, and
 Periodontist at the University Hospital
 at the University of Rochester.

joined the University of Michigan fac
ulty in 1929 as a Research Associate 
in Dental Pathology, and became an 
Assistant Professor in 1940, subsequent 
promotions being an Associate Profes
sor in 1943 and full Professor this 
year. In addition to his faculty status,
 Dr. Jay has been a consultant for the 
National Institute of Health, U.S. Pub
lic Health Service, since 1937, and in
 1945 was a consultant in U.S.P.H.S. 
for the Army Air Force at Randolph 
Field. He is a member of numerous 
professional organizations, some of
 which are the Society of American 
Bacteriologists, American Dental Asso
ciation and the International Associa
tion for Dental Research. He was 
President of the latter group during
 1942-43. He has also written a num
ber of articles or chapters for denial 
journals chiefly on dental caries and
 bacillus acidophilus.

Dr. Jay was mar
ried to Edith Sherman, g'32-'33, a
 graduate of New York State College 
for Teachers, in 1924; and when time
 permits, the Doctor is quite a fisher
man who has indulged in that activity 
at various times in Wyoming and