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Classroom Profile

Paul W. McCracken
The Michigan Alumnus 43

PAUL W. MCCRACKEN, a member of 
the faculty of the School of Business
 Administration since 1948, was pro
moted to full Professor this summer. 
He teaches business conditions, but
 aside from his academic duties, he
 serves as a Consultant for the Committee for Economic Development, on
 Monetary and Debt Management 
Policy. He is also a member of the 
Economic Policy Committee of the
 United States Chamber of Commerce,
 and is Chairman of the Subcommittee
 on International Commercial Policy,
 American Economic Association.

professional organizations of which
 he is a member are the Econometric
 Society, Royal Economic Society 
(U.K.), Minneapolis Economic Round
table, Minnesota Economic Club, Mid
west Economic Association, Minne
apolis Foreign Policy Association, and
 the Detroit Economic Club. In addi
tion, he is a Trustee of the First Pres
byterian Church.

Professor McCracken
 was born December 29, 1915, in Rich
land, la. and received his high school
 education there before entering William Penn College at Oskaloosa, La.,
 and earning the B.A. degree in 1937. 
 From 1937 to 1940, he served as an 
Instructor in English at Berea College, 
 Ky., and then he studied at Harvard
 University, being granted the A.M.
 degree in 1942. For the next year he
 was an Associate Economist for the
 United States Department of Com
merce at Washington, and this was
 followed by a position as Financial
 Economist for the Federal Reserve
 Bank of Minneapolis. He was Director of Research there from 1945 to
 1948, and he was granted the Ph.D.
 degree at Harvard in 1948. Professor 
McCracken is the author of "Hypo
thetical Projection of Commodity Ex
penditures," "Northwest in Two
 Wars," "Future of Northwest Bank 
Deposits," "Rising Tide of Bank 
Lending," various articles on the
 "Business Outlook," and "The Present
 Status of Monetary and Fiscal Policy,"
 in the Journal of Finance, March,
1 950 (a paper which was presented to 
the joint meeting of the American Finance Association in December, 1949.)

Professor McCracken is married to 
the former Ruth Siler, a graduate of 
Berea College, and they have two chil
dren, Linda Jo, five, and Paula Jeanne,
 seven months old.