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Dreams Realized Finally In Professional Career

Paul Harold Jeserich
The Michigan Alumnus 426

Paul Harold Jeserich, '24, 
'24d, Professor of Opera
tive Dentistry and in charge of
 operative clinics in the School of 
Dentistry, also maintains a part-
time private practice.

He was 
born March 20, 1893, at Chicago, 
 and moved to the state of Michi
gan at an early age. He was edu
cated in the Watervliet schools. 
 Jeserich first entered the Univer
sity in 1910, and left school in
 1914, when he was employed by 
Marshall Field at Chicago. He 
later was employed by Wabash 
Railroad offices in Detroit for sev
eral years, until 1920, when he de
cided to resign to study dentistry. 

After receiving his, degree, Dr.
 Jeserich remained on the Campus 
as a clinical demonstrator, and in 
1925, he became an Instructor in 
Operative Dentistry. Two years 
later he resigned to practice with 
Dr. John Travis, '03d, in Ann Ar
bor, and in 1933, he joined the
 faculty again as an Assistant Pro
fessor of Operative Dentistry. He 
became a Professor in 1935.

Jeserich has been extremely active 
in the advancement of operative
 dentistry and postgraduate edu
cation through clinics and demon
strations. In addition, he is Di
rector of the W. K. Kellogg Foun
dation Institute for Graduate and 
Postgraduate Dentistry. Currently, 
 he is acting as a consultant for the
 War Manpower Commission, Pro
curement and Assignment for 
Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. 
 This has to do with the selection
 of physicians, dentists and veteri
narians for military service.

Jeserich is a member and Past 
President of the Michigan State 
Dental Society, and a past mem
ber of the Council on Dental Therapeutics of the American Dental
 Association. He is a member of 
Phi Sigma Kappa, Delta Sigma 
Delta, Phi Sigma, Omicron Kappa
 Upsilon and is a Fellow in the
 American College of Dentistry. 
 He has also served as a member 
of the Executive Committee in the 
School of Dentistry, and has con
tributed articles to several pub
lications. His hobbies are farming, 
 gardening, fishing and hunting.