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Letter of Resignation

Ora S. Duffendack
Regents' Proceedings 489

Resigned to accept the position of Director of Research of the North American Philips Company Incorporated.

The following letter of resignation was received, addressed to the Board:

I hereby resign as Professor of Physics in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts of the University and request that I be released from my position at the end of the present term so that I may accept the position of Director of Research of the North American Philips Company, Incorporated.
To leave the University after more than twenty years of service is not easy for me to do, and I assure you that I am taking this step with deep emotions of sorrow and only after a thorough canvass of the situation. My service here has been a very happy one, and I have been afforded every opportunity I deserve, and more. My associations on the campus have been a source of great joy, and I count myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend such a large part of my life here.

Respectfully yours,

December 14, 1943 0. S. Duffendack

The resignation of Professor Duffendack was accepted with great regret, to be effective at the close of the current term, February 26, 1944, and Professor Duffendack was given permission to continue in the Randall Laboratory the war work, which is under his direction and under the sponsorship of the National Defense Research Committee.