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Regents' Resolution

Norman Rudolph Kretzschmar
Regents' Proceedings 298

The President reported with deep regret the death of Dr. Norman Rudolph Kretzshmar, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which took place in Ann Arbor, May 5, 1943. The following resolution was adopted and ordered placed in the record:

Resolved, That the Regents of the University of Michigan hereby record the great loss which the University has sustained by the sudden death, at the age of only thirty-nine years, of Dr. Norman Rudolph Kretzschmar, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and express to Dr. Kretzschmar's family their heartfelt sympathy. An alumnus of the Medical School of this University in the Class of 1926 and since that time one of its faculty, Dr. Kretzschmar, as a scholar, a teacher, and a practitioner, had already accomplished much and gave promise of long continued distinction in his chosen field of medical science. His presence added prestige to our Medical School and Hospital, and the abrupt termination of his distinguished and useful career has caused deeply felt and sincere grief to the many students, alumni, patients, and professional colleagues who had good reason to regard him with affectionate respect and admiration.