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Nola J. Pender
Regents' Proceedings 216

Lola J. Pender, Ph.D., professor of nursing and associate dean for research in the School of Nursing, retired from active faculty status on December 31, 2001.

Professor Pender received her B.S.N. and M.A. degrees from Michigan State University in 1964 and 1965, respectively, and her Ph.D. degree from Northwestern University in 1969. From 1969-90, she served on the faculty of the Northern Illinois University School of Nursing. She joined the faculty at the University of Michigan School of Nursing in 1990 as professor and director of the Center for Nursing Research.

Professor Pender served as director of the University's Child and Adolescent Health Behavior Center from 1991-2000 and as associate dean for academic affairs and associate dean for research in the School of Nursing from 1994-98. After assisting the dean in restructuring the school and streamlining the Office of Academic Affairs, she stepped down as associate dean for academic affairs but retained the title of associate dean for research. She has been the motivating force behind the growth and development of the Grants and Research Office (GRO). The number of grants produced through GRO has expanded significantly. She has been active on multiple University faculty committees and has mentored numerous students in the baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral programs.

Professor Pender is renowned nationally and internationally as a scholar in the area of health promotion. She is the author of a classic text, Health Promotion in Nursing Practice, and has made numerous presentations and done extensive research on illness prevention and health promotion. She has been principal investigator on many externally funded research projects and has authored many articles and chapters in nursing and other disciplinary journals. She serves on the board of directors of Research America and the US Preventive Services Task Force and is on the executive committee of "Building Health Promotion into the National Research Agenda."

The Regents now salute this faculty member by naming Nola J. Pender professor emerita of nursing.