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Newton C. Loken
Regent's Proceedings 66

Newton C Loken, Professor of Physical Education, retired from active status as of May 31, 1984 after a most productive career spanning 37 years at The University of Michigan. Professor Loken completed his undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota in 1942, completed his masters degree in 1946 and his doctoral degree in 1955 at The University of Michigan. He began his teaching career in the Department of Physical Education in 1946, and two years later began coaching the varsity gymnastics team. He attained the position of professor and taught courses in administration, recreation and dancing.

Professor Loken is recognized as a leader in movement sciences, especially in the area of gymnastics. He has written extensively, authoring several books on trampolining, tumbling, cheerleading, and gymnastics. His book, The Complete Book of Gymnastics, has been widely used throughout the nation and the world.

Newt Loken is known for the energy he freely gave to the gymnastics team. During the 36 years he coached the Michigan teams, he developed 71 Big Ten individual champions, 21 NCAA champions, 12 Big Ten team titles, and two NCAA team titles plus two NCAA trampoline team titles. His dual meet record was 250-72-1.

Professor Loken received many honors throughout his coaching career, including induction into the Michigan and Michigan Amateur Sports Halls of Fame. He served as a chairperson of the National Association of College Gymnastics Coach Award and chairperson of the United States Trampoline Association Hall of Fame. The Newt Loken Scholarship Award was established in 1981.

The Regents now salute this dedicated educator and coach by naming him Professor Emeritus of Physical Education.