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Nelville Soule Hoff
The Michigan Alumnus 618

Dr. Nelville Soule Hoff, Professor of Prosthetic
 Dentistry at the University and formerly Dean 
of the College of Dental Surgery, died December
 1, 1926, at Pomeroy, Ohio, after a lingering illness. 

Dr. Hoff was born July 20, 1854, at Elizabeth, 
 West Virginia, the family later settling in Pomeroy, 
 Ohio. Here he attended the High School from
, which he was graduated with honors at the age of 

He was graduated from the Ohio College of 
Dental Surgery in 1874 and for fourteen years he 
practiced in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1887 he was called
 to the University of Michigan Dental College, where 
he became Assistant Professor of Practical Den
tistry. He was promoted to the position of Professor of Materia Medica and Dental Mechanism 
in 1891, in which capacity he served until 1903, 
 when he became Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. 

In September 1907, he was made Acting Dean 
of the Dental Faculty and in 1911 he became Dean. 
 However, in 1916, because of constantly increasing
 responsibilities coupled with impaired health, he 
resigned as Dean but retained the professorship in 
Prosthetic Dentistry. Dr. Hoff continued his work 
at the University until 1925 when his health de
manded that he give up all work. 

Dr. Hoff was a member of the Michigan Dental
 Society of which he had served as President and
 was editor of the Dental Register for nearly twenty-
five years. He was also a member of many national 
dental societies.