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Myron Butman Chapin
Regents' Proceedings 90

Having attained his seventieth birthday on June 12, 1957, Myron Butman Chapin, Associate Professor of Drawing and Painting, has become eligible for retirement as of the end of the academic year 1956-57.

Professor Chapin earned the Diploma from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1910, the Ph.B. degree from the University of Chicago in 1920. For the two years 1911 and 1912, he was successively illustrator for an engraving house in Chicago and for the Mack Advertising Company in Detroit.

After six years of teaching drawing in the Engineering School at the Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, he served in France two years in the U. S. Army Field Artillery.

Upon his return to the United States, he was Director of the Lansing Academy of Fine Art until he came to the University of Michigan in 1924 as Instructor in the College of Architecture.

Five years later he was appointed Assistant Professor of Drawing and Painting. In 1948 he became Associate Professor. He has throughout his career been continuously active as a painter and has exhibited his work throughout the country. He has built an enviable reputation among his students as a sympathetic and helpful teacher.

Professor Chapin's course "Visual Understanding" has enjoyed particularly high favor among students. The Regents hereby express their sincere appreciation of Professor Chapin's thirty-three years of loyal service to the University, and confer upon him the title Associate Professor Emeritus of Drawing and Painting. They furthermore invite him to avail himself of the courtesies that are extended to emeritus members of the faculty.