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Muriel L. Archambault
School of Nursing

Muriel Louise Archambault, M.S.N.Ed., R.N., Associate Professor of Nursing

Diploma, Rhode Island Hospital School of Nursing, Providence, about 1945; B.S., Boston University School of Nursing, 1952; M.S.N.Ed.

Psychiatric nurse, Butler Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island, about 1946-1948; junior research nurse, Department of Nursing, University of California, 1957-1958; instructor in nursing (psychiatric nursing) 1958-1959, assistant professor of nursing 1959-1963, associate professor of nursing 1963-1965, University of Michigan School of Nursing.

Archambault, who was born in Rhode Island in October 1923, resigned from the University on April 14, 1965 and was married at the age of 41 to Leonard Ross Mitchell on April 22, 1965 in San Diego, California. In June 1970 she joined the faculty of Palomar Junior College in San Diego County as an instructor in the Nursing Education Department, but little is known of her later career. In on-line directories in 2019, her name appears as Dr. Muriel L. Mitchell of Pasadena, California, formerly of Rancho Santa Fe, California.