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Ming Lei
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ph.D., Professor
Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interests

Chromosome is the major carrier of genetic information. The alteration of chromosomal structure determines the gene expression profile and cell fate. Telomere is the very ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. It is of importance for telomere and telomerase to maintain the integrity of genomes and the stability of chromosomes. Large amount of proteins and protein complexes are involved in epigenetics, which play essential roles in controlling many cellular events. Dys-regulation of chromatin structure and stability caused by abnormalities on DNA damage repair accounts for many human diseases. Studies of the proteins and protein complexes related to these diseases will provide foundations for developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. In our lab, we focus on three major research areas: (1) Telomere, telomerase and chromosomal stability; (2) Structural and functional studies of the proteins and protein complexes in epigenetics; (3) SOSS complex and DNA damage repair.